Sales and WIPs

I sold two stories recently, which has been very encouraging. Circlet Press bought “Corn Silk” as a microfiction for their website. I enjoy working with them very much, especially Jen. (The joke is that they used to have 3+ people named Jen editing there.) Riverdale Avenue Books bought “Sea and Hearth”, a reversing-tropes selkie story. I really liked writing Bay, a big bull selkie. He might show up in something else someday.

There’s nothing like an editor saying “this doesn’t suck” to renew my writing motivation. (That is not literally what they said. Hyperbole.) I pulled “Immortality for Beginners” out of its drawer again. Someday this thing will be a finished book. Right now it’s 66K, and I’ve woven in important stuff, stitched scenes together, and written a few chapters that previously had things like “[Something about fixing plumbing]” as placeholders. It’s good progress. Is this book publishable? No idea. But it’s words on paper, and that’s good.

I did take a left turn at about the 75th percentile and turned up the queer to 11. I might have to turn up the queer earlier and louder in the book, so it’s not as dramatic an escalation. I need to cross stitch myself a tiny decorative pillow that says something like “It Gets Gayer.”