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Welcome to my fiction page, where I have collected links to my published works on (The links to the right are to free stories I’ve published on this site.) My publisher, Circlet Press, specializes in erotica with fantasy or science fiction elements. I do have a few stories, and one collection of short stories, not published by Circlet Press which are not erotica, and those are modern fantasy, magical realism, urban fantasy, however you want to describe it. I just can’t seem to tell a story without something impossible happening. Strong characterization, lyrical prose and, quite simply, an engaging story are my main goals. My influences include Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Charlaine Harris, Lord Dunsany, Cecilia Tan, Peter David, Stephen Chbosky, Alice Hoffman and Diana Gabaldon. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss my work, at


A novella and a collection of short stories, “Junk Magic,” is scheduled for publication with Circlet Press in 2018. I will post details here as they become available.



Hearth and Harvest

This is my only non-erotica book. This is a collection of short stories, all fantasy – some closer to magical realism, some set in more fantastical worlds than others. I was surprised how often themes of death, renewal and home came up in my stories, so anything with that theme went into this collection. Personally I think it’s some of my best work, even if it’s not sexy. Print version forthcoming; right now it is ebook only. Updated edition published December 2017.


Capricious: A Texan Tale of Love and Magic
Welcome to Fox Pass, Texas, a small community where the people are friendly and the mythical creatures aren’t so mythical after all. In Julie Cox’s Capricious: A Texan Tale of Love and Magic, satyr and Fox Pass native Luke is settled into a comfortable routine of drinking beer with his best friend, cultivating his small plot of land, recharging the raw sexual energy that fuels his magic, and willfully ignoring his feelings for his friend Sally. But Luke’s daily life is thrown into disarray when he becomes the target of mysterious enemies who won’t hesitate to hurt his fellow myth-folk to get to him. With the help of his friends, and some earthshaking satyr magic, Luke works to protect his town—and sort out his feelings for Sally—before it’s too late.Capricious was a web serial on the Circlet website first, then collected and edited into novel form in 2014. It is available as an ebook, in print, and is currently being produced as an audio web serial by the talented Nobilis Reed. It won the 2014 Best Bisexual Books Award in the romance/erotica section.


Chasing Tail, a collection of intertwined erotic short stories about a shape-shifter community in northern Arkansas. Technically in the same world as Capricious, though there is no real overlap. Published January 2011.



Hard as Stone: Dwarven Erotica, an anthology I edited. It includes my story “Wizard’s Staff.” I was especially pleased with this collection’s wide range of gender and sexuality expression. Some of the stories were of exceptional literary quality as well. Not mine, though, mine is gleeful trash and I like it that way. Published 2017.


Like a Coming Wave
Oceanic erotica collection edited by one of my favorite people, Andrea Trask. My contribution, “Breathing,” is a merfolk story that references some of my favorite naval adventure stories. Published November 2012.


What Happens at the Tavern Stays at the Tavern, a collection of stories about high fantasy erotic scenarios that are usually missing (but that we might fantasize about having happened behind the scenes) in those big, epic novels we all love. My contribution, “Crystalline Sorcery,” tells what exactly is involved in charging a sorceress’ staff. Published November 2012.


Like the Hands of Time, a collection of erotic time traveler stories. This one is just a heck of a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed writing the story of mine that is in here. “Come Away With Me” is set in the Wild West and uses geology and time as a weapon. One of my personal favorites. Published May 2012.

Hearth and Harvest is my short stories anthology ebook containing 6 magical realism fiction stories. A good alternative for those of you who aren’t into erotica! Also available for the Sony ereader, here.


Spellbinding, an anthology edited by Cecilia Tan, containing one of my stories. From the official description: “Cecilia Tan and a merry crew of ten writers explore the intriguing secondary characters, unanswered mysteries, and background stories of Veritas. Some stories introduce new characters, but most satisfy every reader’s craving for more of Kyle, Frost, Alex, Master Brandish, Dean Bell, and the rest of the cast. Most of the stories are male/male, with a smattering of gender-bending, het, and even one lesbian tale set at Collegium Sophia (the secret magic school at Smith College, of course!). Tan herself wrote four of the fifteen enchanting tales in the book.” These stories take place in Cecilia Tan’s Magic University world.


Like a Prince, a collection of gay erotic short stories based on retellings of fairy tales. Available on My story in this book is a retelling of “Beauty and the Beast.” It has bear shapeshifters. Published August 2009.


 Like Tooth and Claw is a collection of erotic shape-shifter stories. This was my first story published with Circlet Press. My contribution, “Waylaid,” was the basis for Chasing Tail, my collection of stories in the same world.


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