Landscape Design Portfolio 2019

Full sun, sloped area, lightly irrigated\compost added to clay. Plantings include red passion flower, butterfly weed (Asclepias), butterfly bush, large hardy hibiscus, dill, and salvias.
Mostly shade bed around large live oak tree, lots of organic material added, well irrigated until established. Columbine, oxalis, dicentra (golden leaf variety), collection of heucharas. Decorative river rock.
Full sun, lightly irrigated until established, well draining sandy soil. Pampas grass, agave, yucca, mounding blue fescue, rock rose, succulents, area-appropriate stone.
Partial sun on slope around existing stairs. Added stone borders, lighting. Well draining, mix of sand and clay, added organic materials, moderate irrigation as needed. All white perennials (with supplementary annuals until established) that bloom in different seasons so something is always in bloom. All cultivars with low growth habit. Spring: daffodils, crocus, muscari. Summer: lantana, verbena, daisies, iris. Fall: aster, chrysanthemum, bee balm, small salvia.