Capricious, The Serial

Many of you are aware of my novel Capricious, in which a satyr in West Texas goes after a goat’s natural enemy, the chupacabras. And finds love. Not with the chupacabras. I’d call it “urban fantasy” but it’s more like “rural fantasy”. In 2014 it won the Best Bisexual Books award for romance/erotica.

My publisher, Circlet Press, is hosting it as a serial on their webpage. We’re up to chapter 14 now! That’s a good time to pick it up, you can read a nice sized chunk and be ready for the next one soon.

And if you don’t want to wait, and don’t have any money to actually buy the book (ALWAYS AN OPTION), you can listen to it on audio, narrated by Nobilis Reed. Nobilis is an outstanding audio artist, a talent I do not have in the slightest, so I am thrilled he wanted the project.

Last of all … the sequel is in the works. My working title is “Bleeding Hearts”.