Circlet Press Retreat

At the beginning of April, I had the great privilege of attending the Circlet Press Writers’ and Editors’ Retreat in Cambridge, MA. It’s three days of talking about writing, editing and publishing Circlet’s brand of stories – erotica with a scifi/fantasy bent, or “erotica for geeks” – with some of my favorite people in the world, in Cecilia Tan’s gorgeous historic Victorian home. Yeah, it’s as awesome as it sounds, and I am grateful to Cecilia for hostingĀ such a great event.

One of the local authors graciously let me crash at her home, much to the consternation of her cats. I used PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. (Hey, I’m from Dallas, we don’t have it; I’m super proud I have figured it out.) I got to hear about the state of the publishing industry both at large and for Circlet in particular, participate in a podcast reading for Nobilis Erotica, have a drink with Vinnie Tesla (fabulous steampunk author, and hot, to boot), and listen to presentations by some of the best minds in the field. The Twitter hashtag was #porncamp. We were very amused with ourselves.

As usual, I came home with my brain bursting at the seams and motivated to write. Stone’s Prayer, which is linked over there to the right, came out of that weekend. Hopefully, much more will, as well.