Now Everyone is Bisexual!

An interesting issue comes up when I write longer erotic fiction. I tend to make more characters bisexual than otherwise. It’s practical, really. I want to keep the cast of characters small, so readers don’t get confused. My characters have interesting, complex relationships, both romantic and otherwise. And the longer I spend with a character, the more I want to pair them up with EVERYONE ELSE.

So I suppose I represent the outlier that corrects bisexual erasure on the bell curve. For practical purposes, it will just be easier if everyone is bisexual. Besides, if anyone is transgender and transitions from one sex to the other, or is a shapeshifter, or magic, their orientation doesn’t change when their bodies do. They’re still bisexual!

Or pansexual, depending on reasons. Though I maintain that, being a satyr, Luke is really the best Pan-sexual. Heheheheheh, I regret nothing.